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Albums by Bloodbound

album by Bloodbound
Released: 2006
Tracks: 11
Including: Nosferatu

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dummy Guest wrote on 9th Aug 2006, 14:34h:
Making a concept album seems to have one upside - critical acclaim - and about 214 downsides. Effectively telling a story and composing songs that logically blend and lead from one chapter to the next is a Herculean task. Keeping the listener enraptured
and following that storyline is a labor only Sisyphus would envy. In short, very few artists have achieved this goal.

So, why would a new band, releasing their first CD, decide that a concept album is the way to unleash their sound on the world? Well,
you'd have to ask vocalist Urban Breed, guitarist Tomas Olsson, bassist and keyboardist Fredrick Bergh and drummer Oskar Belin. Or better yet, ask them as a whole, the white and black makeup covered fiends who together make up the band Bloodbound.

to ruin the experience for you, the concept in brief follows: The protagonist goes on a journey about 25 centuries long in order to find and defeat the demon Nosferatu (the face of the devil). His goal is to restore balance between good and evil and also
to restore life to his kingdom. During his journey, he meets those (people and monsters) who would see him destroyed and damned to Hell, as well as other beings who are goodly and help the hero. And so it begins …

"Behind the Moon," unveils
Bloodbound's Power Metal sound, with the rapid fire drumming and over the top melodies you've come to expect from the genre. Urban Breed (ex-Tad Morose) is a whole new entity in Bloodbound though; his singing and ability to tell this story with passion is
one of the main reasons Nosferatu completely succeeds. The chorus tells the hero the path he must walk: "With the light of day, comes no sanctuary …"

"Into the Dark," sounds a bit like Iron Maiden, with an intricate guitar intro from Olsson and
something you'll find throughout the whole CD, intense and almost ridiculously skilled drumming from Belin. Breed is a showman as well, telling the tale of the protagonist learning that once a human goes over the brink, there is no coming back. "There is
no hope to find, deep inside an evil mind." A lesson to be learned. Olsson shreds on his guitar solo as well. Top notch Power Metal all around.

The sheer melodies on this CD is one of the reasons why you'll keep hitting repeat. Even if the story
doesn't "click" with you, you can't deny great songwriting. Breed's voice is perfect for this softer, ominous track, which ramps up after the almost two minute intro. Now, the hero stands at the gates of Hell, and for the first time, sees the face of
Nosferatu. The chorus, "Can I believe what I saw in the night, Can I believe I was right? Candles were burning, the ritual was on … Nosferatu," will have you shouting along, fist pumping, and it just won't leave your skull. Best song on the whole
journey, hand's down.

The story itself is deeper than a mere review can truly portray, but the hero finds himself crucified, trapped in Hell, drinking from and captured at the bottom of the Lake of the Damned, controlled by Nosferatu, turned into a
rampaging child killing machine and finally in legion with this demon. All this is covered song by song, from the haunting "Desdemonamelia" to the again Maiden-sounding "Screams in the Night." Each track is as good or better than the next, even if you hit
shuffle, which would be pretty damn dumb considering it is a concept CD.

The final chapter, "On the Battlefied," sees the now-antagonist ordered to return the darkness that was stolen by the midnight sun. But, because of all he has learned on his
journey, he comes to a turning point when he meets Nosferatu face to face: will he completely bend to the demon's will or finally use his might to vanquish him? While the music is triumphant, you can only take from the stanza, "Our story will end in a
horrible place, where pain and despair is your friend," that the hero succumbed.

All in all, Bloodbound succeeded where others have failed miserably. The lyrics throughout tell the tale, the musicianship is superior to most bands, Breed turned in what
will be by the end of 2006 one of the best vocal efforts of the year, and in totality, Bloodbound has set the bar to unattainable heights for everyone else in the genre.

And it gets better every time you listen to it

(Thanks to Hardrock Haven)
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