Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand's status as one of the most successful singers of her generation is all the more remarkable not only because her popularity has been achieved in the

face of a dominant musical trend -- rock & roll -- which she did not follow; but also because, despite an amazing singing voice that has enthralled practically anyone who has heard it, she has always used singing as a mere stepping stone to other careers, as a stage and film actress and as a film director.

Albums by Barbra Streisand

Album art Love Is The Answer
Love Is The Answer
Released: 2009
Tracks: 13
Including: Here's To Life
Album art Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures
Released: 2005
Tracks: 11
Including: Stranger In A Strange Land
Album art The Movie Album
The Movie Album
Released: 2003
Tracks: 12
Including: Moon River
Album art Duets
Released: 2002
Tracks: 19
Including: I Finally Found Someone (with Bryan Adams)
Album art Christmas Memories
Christmas Memories
Released: 2001
Tracks: 12
Including: Ave Maria
Album art A Love Like Ours
A Love Like Ours
Released: 1999
Tracks: 12
Including: If You Ever Leave Me (with Vince Gill)
Album art Higher Ground
Higher Ground
Released: 1997
Tracks: 12
Including: Tell Him (with Celine Dion)
Album art Till I Loved You
Till I Loved You
Released: 1988
Tracks: 11
Including: Till I Loved You (with Don Johnson)
Album art The Broadway Album
The Broadway Album
Released: 1985
Tracks: 12
Including: Not While I'm Around
Album art Emotion
Released: 1984
Tracks: 10
Including: Here We Are At Last
Album art Yentl
Released: 1983
Tracks: 11
Including: The Way He Makes Me Feel
Album art Memories
Released: 1981
Tracks: 12
Including: Memory
Album art Wet
Released: 1979
Tracks: 9
Including: Splish Splash
Album art Songbird
Released: 1978
Tracks: 10
Including: Songbird
Album art Superman
Released: 1977
Tracks: 10
Including: Superman
Album art Classical Barbra
Classical Barbra
Released: 1976
Tracks: 10
Including: Handel: Lascia Ch'io Pianga
Album art A Star Is Born
A Star Is Born
Released: 1976
Tracks: 11
Including: The Woman In The Moon
Album art Lazy Afternoon
Lazy Afternoon
Released: 1975
Tracks: 10
Including: Letters That Cross In The Mail
Album art The Way We Were
The Way We Were
Released: 1974
Tracks: 10
Including: All In Love Is Fair
Album art Butterfly
Released: 1974
Tracks: 10
Including: Let The Good Times Roll
Album art Barbra And Other Musical Instruments
Barbra And Other Musical Instruments
Released: 1973
Tracks: 15
Including: Glad To Be Unhappy
Album art Stoney End
Stoney End
Released: 1971
Tracks: 11
Including: No Easy Way Down
Album art Barbra Joan Streisand
Barbra Joan Streisand
Released: 1971
Tracks: 11
Including: I Mean To Shine
Album art On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
Released: 1970
Tracks: 10
Including: He Isn't You
Album art What About Today?
What About Today?
Released: 1969
Tracks: 11
Including: Punky's Dilemma
Album art Hello, Dolly!
Hello, Dolly!
Released: 1969
Tracks: 13
Including: Dancing
Album art Simply Streisand
Simply Streisand
Released: 1967
Tracks: 10
Including: The Nearness Of You
Album art A Christmas Album
A Christmas Album
Released: 1967
Tracks: 10
Including: My Favorite Things
Album art Color Me Barbra
Color Me Barbra
Released: 1966
Tracks: 10
Including: C'est Si Bon (it's So Good)
Album art Je M'Appelle Barbra
Je M'Appelle Barbra
Released: 1966
Tracks: 12
Including: Autumn Leaves
Album art My Name Is Barbra
My Name Is Barbra
Released: 1965
Tracks: 12
Including: My Man
Album art My Name Is Barbra, Two
My Name Is Barbra, Two
Released: 1965
Tracks: 10
Including: No More Songs For Me
Album art Funny Girl
Funny Girl
Released: 1964
Tracks: 16
Including: I'm The Greatest Star
Album art People
Released: 1964
Tracks: 12
Including: People (from Broadway Musical)
Album art The Third Album
The Third Album
Released: 1964
Tracks: 10
Including: Draw Me A Circle
Album art The Barbra Streisand Album
The Barbra Streisand Album
Released: 1963
Tracks: 11
Including: A Taste Of Honey
Album art The Second Barbra Streisand Album
The Second Barbra Streisand Album
Released: 1963
Tracks: 11
Including: Right As The Rain
Album art Pins And Needles
Pins And Needles
Released: 1962
Tracks: 9
Including: What Good Is Love?

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