Lyrics: Still Down

Artist: Ashanti
Song: Still Down
Released: 2004
Rating: 36.7 out of 100
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Still Down lyrics
T.I - you still down for me?

Ashanti- hey how you doing, how you been, I've been laying low, watching every way you move, so sit back and relax and lemme reacquaint myself to you, ohh its been a while since i've been around and i hope you aint forget my vibe and my sexy style if you don't eer go nowhere i will never go nowhere and i will always be rite here for you

chorus-tell me are you still down for a girl like me cuz i dont wanna be just another memory 2x

T.I- eh eh eh long time no see now back on my feet, comfortably, and back of a fee rite back in the street within a matter of weeks, dont they - 3
i proposed you accepted and now you married to me i kno you been missin the kisses and the different positions told your mind -- over and i'll be home in a minute
hey listen i did the time and now i'm finally free
now i can finally see that you was down for a G'
eh eh eh c'mon

ashanti- now you kno tha ti wont let you down
cuz imma do my best so i can make it rite for you
and like nobody else imma give all myself
all yo you
and please believe i will always see who you got your eyes onand who got their eyes on you
long as you never go nowhere
i will neer go nowhere
and i will always be rite here for you

chorus- tell me are you still down for a girl like me cuz i dont wanna be just another memory 2x

T.I-i promise i'm the same fella you knew
wen they let me out the socks baby i'm headed to you just lemme kno if forever mean forever to you if you choose to move on hey wont you tell me the truth, keep it real wit a nigga ma wateva you do if your heart and mins is numb rewind the time wen we closed the blinds like the -- was rhyming and we hit the malls spending G's all the time and you was on the side thru out i was grindin and you was suprised wit minks and showered wit diamonds but you will always be a part for life even if anotha get to call tou a wife, just rememba who put the bread into the crib in the same crib that u want ur kids living in now no matter how eva you may feel now even if u wanted to consider urself his now, i'm still down for you

Chorus - 2x

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