Lyrics: The Woman

Song: The Woman
Released: 1998
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The Woman lyrics
Darling, the question has been answered
And you tried hard not to say
It would have come out anyway
What could you do?

How could have meant it
How can you tell me that I was so deep
So deep in your heart
Now think about the times that we spent apart
It wasn't true

I believed in you
Wanted to be the one at your side
Oh baby I'm not someone you can hide

A woman and a woman and a woman
Through and through
And I ain't never loved nobody
The way I loved you

We're moving further from each other
Everyday and with your every game
And it's for sure baby, that it can't stay the same
I really deserve more
Two and two still makes four

I would have given oh all my love to you
Just for the love, hey for the love of a man
And I wasn't even, listen to this,
I wasn't even in your plan uhhuh

A little plan never, never, never, never make me stay
I wanted to be the woman at your side
There's only one thing I've got baby
Baby I've got my pride

A woman and a woman and a woman
Through and through, oh yeah
But I ain't never loved nobody
Hey I ain't never needed a man
I ain't never love a man the way I loved you

I wish you, I wish you well
I loved you more than I can tell
This is good boy and I won't be bad
It's now or never boy that's a fact
I'm starting over and I think of you
And remember the things we said and used to do
How could you choose to be so small
With a greater love who you heard call
I wish love, I wish you well
I loved you more than I can tell

Oh baby
I ain't never loved nobody, I ain't never, never, never, never
Needed nobody oh yeah I ain't never loved nobody
The way, never loved a man the way I loved you
Ooh oh baby I ain't lying I aint never loved a man the way
I loved you oh sweet thing, yeah, yeah

(scatting and instrumental break)

You can tell everyone that I love you yeah (scatting)
I love you with your sensitive way (scatting)
I love you baby with your courageous ways
I love you yes I do (scatting)
I love you baby
With you [incoherent] and your sweet lies
I love you
Anybody new in your life?
With anybody new, really want you to love,
Truly I won't refute
You can tell everybody,

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