Lyrics: Shakespeare

Artist: Akala
Song: Shakespeare
Released: 2006
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Shakespeare lyrics
Nigger listen, when I spit on the rhythm, I kill ‘em,
Raw like the Ball of Brazilians, you don't war, cor the kids brilliant
Blood, I’m the heir to the throne, not William, Akala, smart as King Arthur
Darker, harder, faster, rascal, I kick the illa shit
It’s like Shakespeare, with a nigger twist
Lyricist, I’m the best on the road, nitro flow, oh-so-cold, I'ma blow yo
Keep the hoes, I only want dough homes, nobody close, I'm alone in my own zone
No no love for the po-po, loco when I rock mics solo
I hope that you know, where you don't go thoe
Want it with Bolo? Must be coco
It’s William back from the dead, but I rap bout gats and I'm black instead
It’s Shakespeare, reincarnated, except I spit flows and strip hoes naked
No fakin'-test my blood bruv, its William, back as a tug cuz
So real the shit I kick now, plus I don't rite, I recite my shit now
Straight from the top, expert timin' on top of that now, the whole things rhymin'
No more tights, now jeans saggin' if I say so myself, I'm much more handsome
Don’t ever compare me to rappers, I'm so quick-witted that I split em like fractions
My shit, I tell ‘em like this... It's like Shakespeare with a nigger twist...

I get you pumped up, feelin' like you drunk drunk
When my beats bump bump
Lyrics hit like skunk blunts blood, now all the shit I kick, so crazy
There ain't no ifs and maybe's, spit poetry so shady
For lords on road and my hood ladies
Pumped up, feelin' like you drunk drunk
When my beats bump bump
Lyrics hit like skunk blunts blood, now all the shit I kick, so crazy
There ain't no ifs and maybe's, spit poetry so shady
For lords on road and my hood ladies

I'm similar to William, but a little different, I do it for kids that's illiterate, not Elizabeth
Stuck on the road, faces screwed up, feel like the world spat ‘em out, and they chewed up
It’s a matrix, I try and explain it, but on a real thoe still ready blaze ‘em
No contradiction just face it, they so enslaved, they are worse than a agent
I grace stages, sharp as razors, don't get cut cuz, keep ya distance
No artillery, tryna' be militant, ya'll dudes killin' me, think that ya killin' it
It’s embarrassing watchin’ you babblin’, keep spittin’ ya darts, mine is javelins
The hood Tiger Woods too milly, number 1 for so long, its just getting' silly
Shit kinda like Bruce wit da knuckles, like the first time ya ever saw Ali shuffle
You don't trouble, left layin’ in a puddle, bruv you are havin’ a bubble
I’ma whole different kettle of fish, thou shall not fuck with this
My shit, I tell ‘em like this... Its like Shakespeare with a nigger twist


To be fair, no MC close to the man, little just come yout's jumpin out of they pram
Everybody badman, behind a mic stand, it’s not creative, one bag of hype, and
If you buss a ting, where's the mash? Move so much food? Where's the cats?
These dudes ain't real, they just rap, I don't spit what I don't know
Just the facts, no talks of rocks I ain't sold, shots I ain't blown
My business ridiculous, sick with it, quick witted
Companies head to head an liquidate it
Welcome to illa state, meet ya fate mate, talk truth but we don't play games
Move sick, look sample techno, never pull a ting, if it ain't gonna let go
That’s that, rap track, clap ya like a black gat
Back chat, crack back, I'm the nigger, that's that
The rest of these kids is irrelevant, don't compare me to him
That’s just beggin' it, I’m on my own shit, dicks ain't spit
It’s no democracy, dictatorship, so dicks hate my shit
I’m sick, raise ya spliff, im swift, blaze ‘em quick
My hits, major shit, I flip phrases quick
My sick razor shit, give thick grazes quick
And chicks say he's cris, its not a rumour
That kid Akala, no not "Ack-a-la", beg ya pardon
Don’t get it twisted, you’re on the sideline like a mistress
I'm the whizzkid, with the sick shit, my shit, I tell ‘em like this
It’s like Shakespeare, with a nigger twist

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