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"Troubled Britney Spears had a wild night out at a top Hollywood hotel - which ended with her being carried out of the bathroom after vomiting over and over again in the men's bathroom. The troubled pop princess, who spent a month in rehab earlier this year, sat crouched over the toilet bowl at the posh Mondrian hotel with tears streaming down her face. A guest revealed Britney said things were "not going well" for her, apologized for the state she was in and begged her bodyguard to take her home. Britney, 25, arrived at the five-star Mondrian hotel at around 10pm on Sunday, May 27 with a group of five friends. Wearing a black dress and long blonde wig, the Toxic star went unnoticed as she sat with her pals at a corner table in the Sky Bar. The guest said: "She was wearing a long blonde wig that came halfway down her back and she had a black headscarf keeping it in place. "She seemed to be enjoying herself at first and she was barely recognizable. No one knew she was there." But around an hour later, Britney disappeared to the bathroom. "Britney was sitting on the floor with her head over the bowl throwing up," the source said. The source said: "Her bodyguard was standing in front of the door to stop anyone getting in. "She looked a real mess. Her blonde wig was hanging off her head and she had make-up smeared down her face from where she had been crying. "She was wearing a black dress and there was some vomit down the front of that - she also had vomit around her mouth. "She was on her knees and must have been sick four or five times. She didn't really seem with it, but I don't know if she was drunk or not."

It's these kind of things that make me go crazy! What happened to the role models? SIGH!
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Jenny Valentine
You get new role models :) Personally, I never thought Hollywood celebrities are good role models...
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of course not
they have too much money and too many problems to be real role models esspecially the child stars
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Ms. Cyrus is definitley NOT one of them.
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