Lyrics: It's Alive

Artist: Tech N9ne
Album: Anghellic
Song: It's Alive
Released: 2001
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It's Alive lyrics
What's sizzlin
Demons, angels, and civilians
Welcome to my purgatory party baby
They say it ain't nothing but farms where we from
They think we can't do no one harm where we from
Gorillas and killers and thugs from abyss
TECH N9NE making 'em breathe like what like this
Kansas City (fade) wake up... yo like this

One, and then comes the two to the three and four
Two-thousand Techa N9na is hardcore
With a K
See me step up on the track like a thug
Make it pound at West End then make a dub
To the homies in jail
When you making bail
Time to act an idiot
A lot not just a little bit
Watch when Kansas City hit
TECH N9NE's gonna spit it
You want this record cool go get it
Hot when the flames lit
Glock where the bane sits
Shock when the pain quits
Pac would've banged this
Instantaneous when I aim at the miscellaneous
Ask me ask ask why why I'm the strangest
Nobody ever wanted me rapping
But I knew within me I could make it happen
Flipping hella different to get it cracking
Never biting nothing I was never jacking
Millimeter spitting ripping up a show
Got the people trippin' everywhere we go
And now we getting you to know that misery is coming
We were summoned now the haters running when we gunning
Why yo you don't know
That I'm 'bout to blow K-C-M-O
Better bang this
People make their jokes and say we're off to see the wizard
Well me and Dorothy and Toto's on your ass when you visit

It's alive (aw hell)
It's alive (Dod Gwamn)
It's alive (odd male)
It's alive (I am)
Been in the dark a minute but now I made it through it
This Kansas City I'ma show you how we do it

We say walla
Milli dollar
Then break a lot a jaw (2x)

Watch this rock

Who would bust like my style it's ruffcut and it's
True hood stuff bright hot wild mystic plus mannish

Alien nation invasion
Black white and even Asian
Is gazing at the raised in misery faze ravin'
For the crazed haven
Six six triple eight forty-six ninety-nine three
We back
Sick with nickel plates whorry chicks mighty mine be
We pack
Just when you're knowing where I'm gonna be I vanish
Step into my brain got it so dark that you can't see God dammit
Your flows come in your flows go out
My flows eternally coming out your mouth
Your makers in
Some haters doubt
And yes it's pitiful
Not even my pinnacle
Better know when I bust
I can do it everyday with a mind full of lust
If you really must
Get with a N9NE millimeter gun then trust
You'll get left the in the dust
Everybody better move when I groove I'ma hit 'em with a bus
Anybody with a bigger mouth up in here better hush


We say walla
Milli dollar
Then break a lot a jaw (x2)

Kansas City City City
That's where I really wanna be
Grime and gritty gritty gritty
Back up when I throw that V
Up in the air air air
That's five seven R D V
And you know nare nare nare
That'll represent like me
Yo we did it in Kansas City yo we did it
Like Biggie say
Much love my left mind said Tech N9NE is iggy J
You can find me off in Kansas City on Saturday at Maniax
Or at the Motel 6 laying up with two chicks the Lenny and Squiggy way
Or Jack
Tripper I'm TECH the rap
Ripper on Cognac
Liquor I'm TECH the gat
Clicker I'm up on that
Thicker than water track a whipper-snap
Who's trying to bring Tony Kannedy Del Shawn and Chipper back
Signing off
Rhyming off
The wall constantly
Timing off
Never that
Clever raps the comp can't be
Creeping seeping through crevices hella beefing
Thinking they can stop the heart of Kansas City
But the heart of Kansas City is beating

Hook (x2)

We say walla
Milli dollar
Then break a lot of jaw (x4)

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