Lyrics: About My Issue

Artist: T.I.
Album: Paperwork
Song: About My Issue
Released: 2014
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About My Issue lyrics
[Intro - T.I.:]
Search far and wide and I bet you'll never find a lil' nigga with a heart this size. Keep me separate and apart from all these frauds. They see me get appalled, you know why?

[Hook - Victoria Monet:]
I'm about my issue babe
And you can tell by my name, yeah
I'm about my issue babe
Whatever stands in my way, yeah
Ooh, la da da, da da da, la da da da da da da
Ooh, la da da, da da da, la da da da da da da

[Verse 1 - T.I.:]
Every time I take, penitentiary chance all I take
God with me I'm a find my way
Nigga they ain't even fuck around nowaday
Feds came in the house, say they found my yay
A couple handguns and a new SK
Bag full of weed and some gram of yay
But fuck it though I gotta keep my grandma straight
Catch a case, getaway by the grace of God
Standing on the corner slanging slabs of hard
Just a young soldier no camouflage
Man them niggas ain't tough they're just playing hard
I pull a fuck nigga card on GP
Between 'em make 11 mill and peewee
We spray your block, turn around pull and repeat
And let everybody look at it on TV
I'm certified I'm gangster, getting on the rock like my banker
I'm in the gated mansion, no neighbor
New Italian suits on my hangers
I got Cuban links and diamond rings
Solitaries of shiny things
Aye fuck how tough you tryin' to seem
Come try the king, cause I'm about my


[Verse 2 - T.I.:]
Have you ever heard? The point blank blast of a Mossberg
Whole block never mind, look you've not heard
Lil' nigga keep it moving like they not scared
And I hear it, they do or die
Kill after kill in the coupe so fly
Man the niggas over there tried to shoot your guy
Man the fully automatic.22 go by like damn
And they fly as I am, it's hard for you to tell how high I am
Oh my God damn, you see it don't believe it still
And all I ever had was a Glock 23 and an extra mag
Presidential weed and a extra bag
2 or 3 bad bitches I'm a get the friend
We set to land and I'm a get the plan
How to violate your little sexy ass
Then get in the Jag
Just ride this till you get to splash
You a wild girl, go cowgirl
Keep the noise down, you loud girl
Turn down, don't know how girl
No white girl cause


[Verse 3 - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
Couldn't listen to niggas they said I dream too much
Heart fucked up, guess I sing too much
Numb to it now, bring a gun to it now
When this shit pop I'm a run to it now
Niggas talk loud but they dumb to announce
Read he got away so he tryna play it down
When they kick down your door and they run through your house
Cuffs on your wrists and they cussin' you out
It'll make sense then, telling you that they got your prints then
What's the reward for your risk then?
Niggas game goofy, this just in
Time after time, know we need a light nigga blind lead the blind
Why do we ride? Grind to provide nigga not just to shine
Blood in my eyes, stress on my mind let a fly nigga fly
9 on my side, God I'm your child but times are so wild
Playing with me? I'm a draw down and I'm a show out
If it gotta go down, I'm prepared to go now cause


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