Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is a much-beloved American icon and an indisputable genius not only of R&B but popular music in general. Blind virtually since birth, Wonder's heightened awareness of sound helped him create vibrant, colorful music teeming with life and ambition. Nearly everything he recorded bore the stamp of his sunny, joyous positivity; even when he addressed serious racial, social, and spiritual issues (which he did quite often in his prime), or sang about heartbreak and romantic uncertainty, an underlying sense of optimism and hope always seemed to emerge.

Albums by Stevie Wonder

Album art A Time To Love
A Time To Love
Released: 2005
Tracks: 14
Including: Can't Imagine Love Without You
Album art Bamboozled Soundtrack
Bamboozled Soundtrack
Released: 2000
Tracks: 2
Including: Some Year Ago
Album art Song Review-Greatest Hits
Song Review-Greatest Hits
Released: 1996
Tracks: 30
Including: Ebony And Ivory
Album art Conversation Peace
Conversation Peace
Released: 1995
Tracks: 13
Including: Conversation Peace
Album art Natural Wonder
Natural Wonder
Released: 1995
Tracks: 23
Including: My Cherie Amour
Album art Jungle Fever
Jungle Fever
Released: 1991
Tracks: 11
Including: If She Breaks Your Heart
Album art Characters
Released: 1987
Tracks: 12
Including: Dark 'n' Lovely
Album art In Square Circle
In Square Circle
Released: 1985
Tracks: 10
Including: Never In Your Sun
Album art The Woman In Red
The Woman In Red
Released: 1984
Tracks: 8
Including: Weakness
Album art Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium
Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium
Released: 1982
Tracks: 16
Including: Ribbon In The Sky
Album art Hotter Than July
Hotter Than July
Released: 1980
Tracks: 10
Including: Happy Birthday
Album art Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
Released: 1979
Tracks: 19
Including: Ecclesiastes
Album art Songs In The Key Of Life
Songs In The Key Of Life
Released: 1976
Tracks: 19
Including: Isn't She Lovely
Album art Innervisions
Released: 1973
Tracks: 9
Including: He's Misstra Know-it-all
Album art Music Of My Mind
Music Of My Mind
Released: 1972
Tracks: 9
Including: Love Having You Around
Album art Talking Book
Talking Book
Released: 1972
Tracks: 10
Including: You And I
Album art Where I'm Coming From
Where I'm Coming From
Released: 1971
Tracks: 8
Including: Sunshine In Their Eyes
Album art Signed, Sealed And Delivered
Signed, Sealed And Delivered
Released: 1970
Tracks: 12
Including: Never Had A Dream Come True
Album art My Cherie Amour
My Cherie Amour
Released: 1969
Tracks: 5
Including: My Cherie Amour
Album art Eivets Rednow... Alfie
Eivets Rednow... Alfie
Released: 1968
Tracks: 3
Including: More Than A Dream
Album art For Once In My Life
For Once In My Life
Released: 1968
Tracks: 7
Including: I'd Be A Fool Right Now
Album art I Was Made To Love Her
I Was Made To Love Her
Released: 1967
Tracks: 9
Including: A Fool For You
Album art Someday At Christmas
Someday At Christmas
Released: 1967
Tracks: 9
Including: What Christmas Means To Me
Album art Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Released: 1966
Tracks: 6
Including: With A Child's Heart
Album art Stevie At The Beach
Stevie At The Beach
Released: 1964
Tracks: 3
Including: Castles In The Sand
Album art With A Song In My Heart
With A Song In My Heart
Released: 1963
Tracks: 3
Including: When You Wish Upon A Star
Album art The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie
The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie
Released: 1962
Tracks: 9
Including: Soul Bongo
Album art Tribute To Uncle Ray
Tribute To Uncle Ray
Released: 1962
Tracks: 10
Including: Hallelujah I Love You So

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