Lyrics: Black Hand side

Album: N/A
Song: Black Hand side
Released: 0000
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Black Hand side lyrics
(why ya'll ain't say. yooo
you know you supposed to say something to me)

Oh baby baby, ahh yeah, clap your hands y'all

check it, dig it while i rip it
check it while i wreck it
(give it to'm La)
ok gimme a few seconds
First I give a shout to every Jersery born and bread head
and everybody in new york from to brunettes to read heads

Who got my back?
(Jersey got yo back)
Yo tell me who's got my back?
(the Bronx got your back)
Yo tell me who's got my back?
(Brooklyn got your back)
Yo yo yo yo who's got my back
(uptown got your back)

Thank you as I come back in to the beat
Give a shout out to my brother L.A.N.C.E
Up in heaven, resting, chilling, watching over me
You know you're too good to be forgotten
Poppa wasn't here but there was Lance in the house
It's only me and mommy you the man of the house

Always flip the scipt back to the old days
I used to rock it on the high school stage
I used to drink 40s back then I didn't blaze
Twitched to the pipe with the peace these days

Just go on to let you know I flow on
I'm wicked out my gluteus so ho on and ho on
that's what we about to do
take you on a mission with the Flavor U

uh, me no deal with no dibby dibby flip flop
I get mad when it comes to playing hip hop

but chill
(gimme five on the black hand side)
just chill
(gimme five on the black hand side)
yo chill
(gimme five on the black hand side)
(gimme five on the black hand side)
come on chill
(gimme five on the black hand side)

check it fear don't live in here
tears don't bring me cheers
so gear for another year because I had it up to here

yeah, I'm about through with you
you whack and bootie pooh with
rip up the crew left and right hear the one and the two

I'm read-to-set-it-off again
wanna bet I can wreck you and your next of kin
in fact don't make me have to get the royal getcha
best ta your narrow ass up off that crack

Booking any show when I know that I'll pack it
Attacking with my tactics
I'm loaded like a full metal jacket

I'll flip mines to get mines
I'm happy to get with you
but you can't come out to play
right now you got to much shit to do

It's all game it all sounds the same
the suckas know my name is sitting on the tips of their brains
but they shame, they scared to face me
yet they want to disgrace me, erase me
they must be freaking crazy

I'm the la la la from haulstead
bread with the queen with a prefix
it's off with your head
and that's a promise cause I don't make threats
so mind your neck cause it's about to get set

c'mon set it off (2x)
(gimme five on the black hand side)
uh, set it off
(gimme five on the black hand side)
somebody set it off
(gimme five on the black hand side)
watch somebody set it off
(gimme five on the black hand side)

check the queen set it off

ah uh, yeah (3x)
Black reign 1993.
I'd like to welcome you to this album
matter of fact I'd like to welcome you to a new day
a new day to hear me

Check this out ya'll

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