Lyrics: Bullituary (remix)

Artist: Obituary
Song: Bullituary (remix)
Released: 1997
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Bullituary (remix) lyrics
Ha Ha. Only true, only true Obituary and
Diablo D., Skinner T, wants some pleasure
Bastard cycle
Profession of a make of myself
...well with a spell...clocked in
Evil men, evil deeds, evil time to grieve kills fells
With a deal, with the bloods all stale
A 1000 caps of hell
On the wheel of the women Apocalypse
I'll split this shit or I'll take your life
Either way you shoot it you know it's all child's play
Hey, I'll make you say
Leave that guy alone
bring him along and bring him to a new home
in the darkest depths of hell
I call your bluff, so you'll bounce like breasts
I got a back like a tree and arms are like a fucken chests
So who the fuck would have guessed
I call the bug. I'm a Johnny Quest
I'm obsessed with a bitch in your nest
So gamble the rent
I figure show the bitch the bastard, when you go packin'
Go packin' with a hole proof vest in which
We're gutless and heartless. My homestead is heartless
...any nigga from the... ...assumption... think we're trolls
And I think we take control...
Either way I'm taken a shit
We can at least shut the door. In case it sounds like a hit
I digress, here I go again, with the tall breath
Sickle cell the proud all your lyrics for your death
So keep your self open. I come and puke
So looking like you're smoken, rocks, while I'm broken
You're broken and choken. Ha, you're soaken
Stuck my hand out like a vulcan
Spock did he box. ...the voicebox... you're funny
The other day I ain't no heartbreaker, but I won't be by
Once more fry. for... box
So my body could be disintegrated and it hurts to hold my madness

Destiny, feel disgrace
I'm the one that's fallen
I'm the one in pain
I'm the one that's going
Forces decay in pain, by the light

Bullituary, Obituboys
Bullituary, Obituboys
Suffer is cold
Bullituary, Obituboys
Bullituary, Obituboys
There's colors
See it in his face

Drifting through the sorrow
The visions yet display
It strips the soul completely empty
Sirens rage in vain

Drifting through the sadness
Violence fills the sky
Torturing, the voice rang out
My servents they are blind

...check out his head blow. Cock like a reload...
I'm the man with hands. Suffer is cold bloods flowing... ...slice amateur ...breath it...
Searing his face

...madman. I'm the bitch, fuck a dumptruck
...soapbox... a flesh eating virus, Osiris
a tiller, the champion blood spiller, Godzilla
Fortified breakfast miller, a killer animal, I hand them all an animal
I manhandled... Drowning...other's records
So check it... ...these days, hell I excele, I'm cataclysm
Ha, I best it, I cross it. The acid I drop it
I, stop it. While you bob it
I make a... with this shit and then I sharp it, yeah

Bullituary, Obituboys
Bullituary, Obituboys

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