Lyrics: Wanted Man

Artist: Nick Cave
Song: Wanted Man
Released: 1985
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Wanted Man lyrics
I'm a wanted man, wanted man...
I'm wanted, I'm a wanted man...
Oh yeah...
Ah honey, I'm a wanted man.

I'm a wanted man in California, I'm a wanted man in Buffalo
I'm a wanted man in Kansas City, I'm a wanted man in Ohio
I'm a wanted man in Mississippi, they want me in old Cheyenne
Wherever you may look tonight, you will see this wanted man.

I might be in Colorado or Georgia by the sea,
Working for some man who may not know at all who I might be.
If you ever see me comin' and you know justa who I am,
Don't breathe a word to no one buddy, 'cause I'm a wanted man.

Wanted man in Albuquerque, wanted man in Syracuse,
Wanted man in Tallahassee, wanted man in Baton Rouge,
Wanted man in Arizona, wanted man in Galveston,
Wanted man in El Dorado, this wanted man's in great demand.

If you ever catch me sleepin',
just see the price flashin' 'bove my head,
Well take look again my friend,
that's a gun pointed at your head.

Wanted man by Lucy Watson, wanted man by Jesse Brown,
Wanted man by Nellie Johnson, wanted man in this next town.

Wanted man by the Bowler Sisters,
wanted man by Kid Callahan.
Hey Darlin' don't you tell me you don't want me,
cause I'm a wanted man.

A wanted man who's lost his will to live,
a wanted man who won't lay down,
There's a woman kneelin' on my grave,
pushin' daisies in the ground.

Wanted man in the Windy City, wanted man in Tennessee,
Wanted man in Broken Arrow, wanted man in Wounded Knee.
Wanted man in Jackson Town, Wanted man in El Passo,
I got bounties on my head in towns I wouldn't ever think to go.

Wanted Man in Arizona, wanted man in Louisville,
Wanted man deep in Death Valley,
wanted man up in the Hollywood Hill.

If the Devil comes collectin',
cause he doesn't know I'm a wanted man,
he'd better wear a six gun on his hip
and hold another in his hand.

If you love the wanted man,
you best hold him while you can,
cause you're gonna wake up one mornin'
and find the man you wanted, he is gone.

Wanted man in New York City, wanted man in San Anton'
Wanted man down in Lorado, wanted man in Tupelo
Wanted man in the state of Texas, wanted man in the state of Maine
This wanted man's in the state of leavin' ya baby,
jumpin' on a midnight train.

Wanted man in every cat house, wanted man in a many saloons,
Wanted man is a ghost in hundred homes, a shadow in a thousand rooms.

Wanted man down in St. Louis, wanted man in New Orleans
Wanted man in Mussel Bay, wanted man in Cripple Creek
Wanted man in Detriot City, wanted man in San Anton'
But there's one place I'm not wanted lord,
it's the place that I call home.

Wanted man...
Wanted man...
If the devil comes collectin'
he better hold a six gun in his hand.

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