Lyrics: She Said I'm Hood Tho

Artist: Ne-Yo
Song: She Said I'm Hood Tho
Released: 2015
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She Said I'm Hood Tho lyrics
She said "I know, I know, I know your music
I prefer your old shit to your new shit
That song with Pitbull, it was kinda cool
But after that, you went left and I couldn't fuck with you"
Well damn, couldn't help but appreciate
That she was bold enough to say this to my face
She even went as far to give me her Twitter name
She said, "I tweeted you and told you the same thing"
But, she said, "I never thought I'd meet
And you cuter in real life than on TV
You a celebrity
You could have any girl you want, what the hell you want with me?"

I told her, "Baby, there is a difference
Between what you really want and what you can get
I can have anything, but I don't want just anything
I want you tonight, I want you

I said, "You got, you got, you got me twisted
What my celebrity got to do with it?
Just cause I can have don't mean I want them chicks
I take quality over quantity any day, you dig?"
She said, "I'm hood though, Ne-Yo
And I know you be on your goody good though, Ne-Yo
Get ratchet, yes I could, though, Ne-Yo
Mess up your image, I probably would though, Ne-Yo"
I said, "You don't scare me
The word "gentleman" starts with "G""
She said, "You a celebrity
You could have any girl you want, what you want with me?"


Now that she sat there, lookin' at me like she wasn't sure
Questionin' my intentions, why and what for
Thinkin', "He can have actresses, singers or models galore
I work in a nail shop, every day in that bitch from 8 until 4"
Shawty's a rose that grows through the cracks in the concrete
Her mother's body but her brother's knowledge of the street
Kick all you beautiful lies, shawty ain't goin' for 'em
She type stubborn, like her daddy, but she don't know him
Got me feelin' like I ain't good enough
I ain't a D-boy or a thug so I ain't hood enough
Or maybe it's the other way around and shawty's self esteem is down
Not good enough to wife but good enough to fuck, nah mama
I'm really tryna get to know
What's under your garden, not just what's under your clothes
You feel me?
And don't concern yourself with status, I don't
It ain't about what I can have, it's about what I want, you dig?


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