Lyrics: Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim

Album: Tight
Song: Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim
Released: 1999
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Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim lyrics
hello james, hi, i'm calling and interested in seeing if, um, i don't know,
if you book this band, um, that band, um, mindless, um, was it mind...
senseless... mindless...
- uh whatever, you know what i'm talking about

me like to go down to the church and drink some holy water
but i don't like it... the priest don't like it
but me can't seem to help it
sail away - oh - away - oh
you live me life free like a birdie
cause me like to sing
me likes what me do
and me can't seem to help it
i went to the zoo and saw some monkeys
i went to the zoo and saw some monkeys today
i saw the giraffe but he didn't make any sound
sometimes me bad... oh, i forgot the words... um...
oh - we all going on a field trip - a field trip -
a field trip - a field trip - a field trip - a field t-trip -
a field trip - a field trip - a field trip
Mr. Lonie is gonna be the true
Mr. Harry, he drives the van
sometimes me bad... eat me dental floss
pull him... pulling Jesus from the cross - touch me thing
sing somebody stole my Amy Grant records today
me think me turn 22 today
will somebody get me a present cause I turn 22 today
but they're not as pretty as Barbara Mandrel
then the milkman came - the milkman came and he took them fish
he took them fish now me crying - me crying
the milkman make me cry... then the mailman came
drag me pee-pee on the floor
hide me sandwich in me drawer
the... hit my head against the door
this is some kind of dream
me likes to go down to the park
and take them nuts from them squirrels
and... you know what?
time is... it's the closet for me - the closet for me
it's so dark me cannot see
it's the closet for me - the closet for me
Mr. Harry said that will teach me
No, I don't want to do the special olympics one
my friend's the seat on my toilet
and he always seem to shout at me
oh, mister, don't you pee on me
when I'm sitting it's a totally different story
then he doesn't seem to play me mind
he's not afraid of my fat behind
and on the unfortunate occasion
when I miss the bowl and pee on him
lets me off with a smile and a warning
don't do it again...

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