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Albums by Millionaires

album by Millionaires
Sentimental Horses
Released: 2008
Tracks: 3
Including: Talk Shit

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dummy Guest wrote on 26th Mar 2009, 2:31h:
No. Don't. Especially not "I Like Money." It's stupid electropop but worse. I prefer Hypercrush, the better version of this band.
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dummy Guest wrote on 25th Mar 2009, 21:25h:
Perhaps I should avoid their music, then?
But now you have me curious... >__>
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dummy Guest wrote on 24th Mar 2009, 23:11h:
Their songs make my ears bleed :O
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dummy Guest wrote on 10th Feb 2009, 5:39h:
Is this supposed to be a biography? If so, you've put it in the wrong place. D:
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dummy Guest wrote on 9th Feb 2009, 20:47h:
Millionaires started on the beautiful day of August 14th 2007. It was a quite sunny day, just like any other day in Huntington Beach, California; a perfect day to fly a medium-sized vibrant rainbow butterfly kite. But instead, Melissa and Allison Green
(yes, they're sisters) started to become inquisitive about their new Apple desktop and decided to "mess around" on Garageband. After two hours of intense physical labor filled with blood and sweat they came up with the first hit, 'I Like Money.' They
decided that maybe since the Garageband loops and vocal recordings (aka yelling at the Apple desktop monitor since they had no recording system whatsoever) were SO AMAZING, they should make a music Myspace. They realized, upon creating the Myspace, that
they did not have an extravagant name to go along with their new hit. The two quickly decided upon Millionaires because it tied into the name of the song, 'I Like Money.' Within hours after posting the first song, they received a lot of online attention
and within weeks, were already on the Myspace Top Artist Charts.

The day after they posted their first song, Dani Artaud (Melissa’s best friend) let herself into the Green's unlocked household, as usual, since it's part of her daily routine.
Together as one, the three jammed to the new song. They were so inspired by their new creation of musical beauty, that they decided to make a new track in hopes that Baby Jesus would continue to hover over them. The three new band mates quickly shat out
'Hoe Down' within hours and posted it immediately that night. After that, they just took off.

Over the next few months, when they had enough songs to play a show, they met up with DJ Hyphy Crunk, who immediately took them under his great bountiful
wing. After some intense training and tests of strength and merit, they decided they were ready to play some hardcore shows. Towards the end of November, they played their first show at The Joint and the next night played at The Roxy in Hollywood. Their
good friend Mark Maxwell attended the first two shows and after watching the positive reactions from the fans, decided to spice up their music a little. He first remixed 'Alcohol', and the online frenzy began to grow even more. After that, they decided to
make Mark their producer. Millionaires' fan base continued to grow at an alarming pace as did the popularity of Hyphy Crunk's nightclub, The Heist. The band and Hyphy Crunk decided they each needed to focus on their individual priorities and decided to
split ways while Sarah Mclaughlin was playing in the background. From that point on, Mark Maxwell took a hold of the demon reigns of the flaming Millionaires caravan careening straight to hell. On this demented course towards fame, they got swooped up by
the Artery Foundation, One Moment Management, and The Agency Group. Now the girls' paths were clear. They took their next step and made their first music video to their hit 'Alcohol.' After only 6 grueling months of being together, they landed a spot on
Bamboozle Left '08. The girls took that stage and made then show great. They were now ready to tackle the treacherous task of tour.

They set out on their first two week co-headlining tour in July ‘08 with nothing but themselves, a rental van and a
pink bedpan. The tour was sold out almost every night. This is probably because of their irresistible attraction to complete negligence of the laws in these United States of America. During the tour, they were asked to perform live on MTV's TRL, which was
probably the most horrifyingly terrific situation of their young lives. They also took that stage and proceeded to make it great as usual. During the course of this tour, they also released their first digital EP-"Bling Bling Bling" into online music
stores worldwide. On their break from tour, the girls were featured on the cover of Bakatopia Magazine, had a article in the OC Weekly, did interviews on DJ Rosstar's Internet Radio show as well as Forbidden Radio, and played the LA Pre-Warped Tour Party
with Shwayze and 3OH!3.

As of now, the girls are back at home in their holes constantly slaving over their next biggest hit. Who knows what controversial shenanigans these girls will come up with next!
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