Lyrics: Leanin' Low

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: N/A
Song: Leanin' Low
Released: 2002
Rating: 59.4 out of 100Please log in to rate this song.
Leanin' Low lyrics
{LIl Wayne- Verse 1}
im walkin thru the street
wit 24s on my feet
a nigga got whips
like a farmer got sheep
and as a matter fact
i got sheeps like a farmer man
i aint playin
i jus bought a brand new lamb
t tops like a old trans am
pull up at the light on a bitch like BAM
n from the side view she still kno who i am
a smokin nigga and bobbin my head to my jam
im prolly on that deaf
im prolly on that cam
all pink diamonds lookin like spam
all white porshe lookin like the clam
all white seats lookin like a gram
you cannot stop a flow
not even wit a dam
im fresher than a muf**ka
cleaner than a sham
and a bitch couldnt pass me
if she crammed
an what i am im (im sittin on 24's)

[Chubby Baby- Verse 2]
Six speed coupes the only thing that the boy order
im paid n full so im stuntin like rich porter
y pull up 2 the club in a charger
when i can pull up in a damn super charger
no tints chromed out chub super larger
my money sittin high
ya money leanin low
u need 2 play the lotto
cuz u need the dough
c ya in the lotta
cuz i b the dough
artermarv standout like a pornstar
my maserati roxy reynolds thats my porn car
so take ya top off
and ya bra off while i wait to the telly right here it pop off
and to the dealer n drop that loot
500 cash on drop and coupe
and shorty that im wit yea she drop dead cute
but she kno that my coupe is (sittin on 24's)

[Juelz Santana- Verse 3]
i told ya
i roll on dub
n i gets much love
red diamonds on me
the color of cold blood
white diamonds on me
the color of soap sudds
light brown leather like im sittin on mud
we might bust caps
but we never ride hubbs
pocket full of leaf
car full of wood like im ridin in a tree
but im higher than a tree
i aint flyer than a bird
but im ridin on a wing
and a bird can fly until u cant see his wings (haha)
big car
big rims
sucker what
lips pokin out
look like they puckered up (Gimme Kiss)
n i b ridin by myslf
leanin so low you think my car was drivin by itself
n when i sail through the street
i do it bigger than Shaquille O'neal's feet (sittin on 24's)

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