Lyrics: Banned From Tv

Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Banned From Tv
Released: 2009
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Banned From Tv lyrics
Ayo, it's Weezy muthafucking, easy with the hating
bitch I'm in the building you just decorating
I'm just detonating
Then I get blatant
More things worse than internet dating
Scoob got the cameras on so I got to show off
I put your sister on, I knock your bro off
We just spit snowballs catch it in your face bitch
Good game Wayne mayne I deserve a naysmith,
Cook game gain flow dope in the vein flow
I'll only be smoking the purple out the rainbow
Stronger than Draino, your boyfriend a lame-o
And if you stay with em then y'all in the same boat
Deep water Carter fishin for a dollar
You can join the sail and I'm splitting your tomato
Ball cause I gotta
You'll love me in the mornin
I told her I'm a king, them other niggas Prince Charming
She love to rock the mic she say that's nothing like performin
Man I'm in love with her grill George Foreman
Forewarning Young Money's on
And we can shoot it out, I got the money drawn
Yeah, take that to the bank with ya
I rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures
Smoke weed talk shit like Lane Kiffin
Whole country in recession but Wayne different
Huh, and I'm a Maybach rider, haven't drove it one time I got a cool black driver
Can't walk around with guns I got a do that got em
Don't worry if I'm shootin as long as you get shot
I'm a beast, I'm a pitbull
I get my ass kissed, I get my dick pulled
I'm a beast
I'm a big bull
I got my money right, I got my clip full
Haha, it's like 7 in the mornin n-gga
I'm up for whoever the opponent n-gga
Stop the track, let me relish in a moment n-gga
Now bring that mutha fucker back cause I'm zonin n-gga
I go hard like Rafael Nadal
And if the bitches were havin it, I bet we have them all
And man I'm so high it's like an ever-lasting fall
And I'm chargin these hoes like women basketball
Uh, I bet that chopper get his mind right
Leave a hole in his chest like a lion bite
Super hero call like a crime fight
I see big cheese, you n-ggas blind mice
T-Streets still roll with me
Still stickin to the script like Nicole Kidman
Need the man hit? We are those hitmen
He stopped runnin, the bullet holes didn't
Uh, Basically, I'm still a monster
Till the fat lady sings I come to kill the Opera
Ya'll too plane, I'm a helicopter
My words keep goin like a teleprompter
I'm a asshole, wipe me down bitch
I get big checks, Nike Town bitch
Yeah, mean mug, Bobby Brown shit
And the flag red like clown lips,
Uh, T can't stop goin
Dropped my best shit like the Cowboys dropped Owens
I'm the best to ever do it mutha fucker I know it
No Ceilings Got Dammit now the fuckin Sky's showin uhh
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