Lyrics: American Dream

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: N/A
Song: American Dream
Released: 2002
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American Dream lyrics
[with Mike Tyson]
uhhn! like mutha'fuck all yawl
Mr.Mike Tyson flow,uppercut all yawl
step into my ring bitches,ding ding bitches
click clack pow pow ping ping bitches
im the green machine i mean King vision
i can see through yo scene like clear screen
hear me? to a lion you are just dear meat
fear god fear me ser-ious us
pe YM them try them and die when i say so
Weezy F hardful red go like Craig go
its all gravy tryna build like Lego's
betta "Let Go My Ego!" with some breakfast on the table
yea!! n i dont kno how fake feel nigga cuz all my life i been a real nigga
fuck ya girlfriend fuck ya hommie too
i drop bombs im in the booth in a army suit
and im armed to shoot and imma marksmen too
and you're the target "oops!"
and everything gets better in time and time is forever
and mutha'fucka its my time and im better

[Mike Tyson talking]

hoe i go so hard
im so gone my I.D is a Post Card
i travel like b-ball with no calls
i play my roll and listen out for the roll ball
this is a movie and every movie must go off
but this gangsta doesn't die like O-Dogg
say wat up blood!! what da lick read!?!
5 star general and the 6 speed
still hood like thick cheese bitch please
him squeeze quicker than the wind breeze
bullets that a trim trees
simply shoot yours empty if b turn dat thick cheese to swiss cheese
folla me! a part of me!!
fuck around n see a whole notha side of me
i separate yo body with them hollow tips biologiest
photographies,picture me in yo bedroom with a mask on
pistol to yo head while you puttin yo pants on (hurry up nigga)
every man on offense single-tary defense
super-duper-extra-much-really-very-street shit
that is how i keeps it R.I.P Pimp-C
i do it how i do it cuz i kno my nigga see me
and imma hold it down bitch hope that crown fit
the boy got a flow that you can drown in
when you in the water watch them sharks,when you in the water watch dat salt
Young Carter no floss that was so raw Or!

[Mike Tyson talking]

fuckin right imma monster
sharper than a blade like Sticky Fingers ah sign ya!
Mortal Kombat Street Fightin like E-Honda
murk ya and da dummie dat signed ya wats reallly!!
fireman spit gasoline on ya contract
fuck a pen i need a match fuck a bitch i need a patch of bitches
yawl niggas act like a bunch of bitches blood bitches leave u in a tub of blood bitches young niggas young money young niggas fuck pistols
we at yo window with scull missles Young Carter!
big nuts and they hung further than ya father's

[Mike Tyson talking]
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