Lyrics: One 2 Da Two

Song: One 2 Da Two
Released: 2006
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One 2 Da Two lyrics
1, in comes the 2 to the 3
1, in comes the 2 to the 3
1, in comes the 2 to the 3
Make some fucking noise for the Kottonmouth Kings

1 to the 2 from the 2 to the 3
Get the fuck up this is Kottonmouth Kings
3 to the 4 from the 4 to the 5
Make some fucking noise if you like to get high
5 to 6 time to get the joints lit
Down for the Krown here comes the King Klick
7 to the 8, 8, 9 then 10
We been doing this since way back when

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
4, 3, 2, 1 D-Double Dash come through the back door
Party crashing, smashing, mashing on some
Blazing on the wood
Letting these cats know if it's misunderstood
This King Klick shit yo it's really kind of hood
'Cause every now and then yo I wish you would
'Cause every now and then yo it feels so good
Hit them up quick get them with the good shit
Letting' these dudes know about the Kottonmouth throne
D-Loc don't play you better get out my way
You better speak up quick if you got something to say
Put your hands in the air if you're down to get blazed
Put your middle fingers up like back in the day
If you're down with the Krown let me hear you say
1 to the 2 from the 2 to the 3


Since way back when we've been organizing
Show after show always see the sun rising
We multiplying gravity defying
You want a math quiz come and add this
210 + 210 you get the password
70 x 6 you puffin' good herb
800 - 380 you can't fade me
Simple mathematics higher education
Times are getting' drastic
Roll another one Daddy X will pass it
We bombastic time to take action
Richter grab the microphone and start blasting

When you walk in my crib that shit's hot boxed
And when you walking out the door look like you got a pocket full of rocks
But it's two zip locks filled up with pot that you just bought
450 a pop and now I got 900 in my back pocket
Now I light up another joint and blast off like a rocket
You just can't stop this I'm gonna keep smoking
Stay on the top 'cause I know who's growing


Yo stop the presses we a decade deep
We've been here ten years blowing big smoke rings
Burnt so many joints my nickname's Richter the Roller
From Kottonmouth and Kingspade Sub Noize is taking over

Rock the bells no more walking on eggshells
Truth be told we broke the mold in the game
We're not the same fuck being conventional
We come original do it our way
Back in the day we drew a line in the sand
Said we'd never be like any other band
We sparked the hoota then we sparked a movement
Red lights flashing yeah we stuck to the plan


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