Jennifer Glass

At the young age of six the talents of Jennifer Glass began to emerge from her as she started playing piano and then quickly realized that her voice was her instrument of choice. Little did she know that she was paving the path for what was to come. Some years later, Jennifer’s lifelong dream of creating a unique style of music that would have fans all over the world excited about her own songs, has been realized.

Jennifer’s multi-faceted talents have materialized into six all original songs with a unique style of positive “feel-good” music.

Albums by Jennifer Glass

album by Jennifer Glass
Released: 2004
Tracks: 1
Including: Dreamin'

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dummy Guest wrote on 17th May 2010, 16:20h:
"This is the First true dance hit of 2004! People that have spoken to me want to hear more of Jennifer Glass! Can’t get enough airplay" Chris Hill - VP Operations/Program Director RHYTHM96.COM
"Jenni - fer - is positively upbeat, her sound is lively,
and has a real spark. As a mainstream dance hits station, Jennifer fit us perfectly. The single [Dreamin] was a hit with us, and we look forward to hearing more of Jennifer soon." Wes Keene - Program Director The Dance Station
"Jennifer Glass is truly
one of the REAL artists in today's dance scene. Her beautiful voice, unique lyrics, and strong determination to succeed are definitely noticeable in her music. And it shows - "Dreamin'" has received nothing but positive feedback from our listeners. Good
work, Jennifer!" J. Alden Gillespy - Program Director
- Singer - Jennifer Glass is anything but a fickle pop musician looking for a quick fix of fame. Early on, it became clear that music was going to be an important part of her
life. (Excerpted from Florida Today Newspaper - TGIF interview) Jeff Nall - Journalist Florida Today Newspaper
“When i first heard "Dreamin" from Jennifer Glass I stopped what I was doing and listened but I only caught the last minute or first
thing I did was call my partners... we debuted her song Dreamin on our show - m - that night and interviewed Jennifer... our fans loved the song as well as the 5 of us and the interview was informative as to her background and that
she is a very down to earth person....we have been playing the song for about 2 months now since it gets requested often and other artist are dying to work with her....basically Jennifer Glass has a great voice and a personality to back up her talents, we
can’t wait to hear whats next!” Benny Blanxxx The Freestyle File
“I am really into the "DREAMIN" Song. I'm going to play it on my radio show.” Mickey Garcia Micmac Records
“We spun Dreamin on Saturday and got a nice response. A lot of people
liked the fact someone in Florida was part of the club scene.” Justincredible Wink 96.9 FM
“I had never heard of the song or artist so I picked it up and gave it a listen and fell in love with the song so I play it every chance I get.” DJ Magic
Mike Platinum Recording Artist / World Famous DJ
“If you guys need anything from me, please do not be afraid to ask. The record sounds great, has a good hook. DJ Sharaz Recording Artist / DJ
Critic Review- JENNIFER GLASS: Dreamin (CD single) CALIBER
RECORDS [USA] Score: 4 stars – Excellent.
To me, its certainly one of the most beautiful and thrilling surprises of the year 2003. The first time I listened to the song Dreamin on Jennifer Glasss website, I melted as an Ice-cream under the sun. My
second satisfaction was to see the CD in my letter box, and then, I melted as yeah, I know, you already know the next! She is very beautiful and charming, but the most important thing for us it’s that she sings divinely well. Her track blends Old School
Freestyle (by his rhythm beat) to some Progressive Freestyle consonances; the use of the recurring theme New years day by U2 as a melody is a superb idea. The track is truly dynamic and lively. Of course, the producer Christian Dio and Jennifer Glass (for
their firsts steps in Freestyle) dont have the pretension to revolutionize Freestyle music but honestly its difficult to remain impervious to all this energy showed. Im still dreamin! It will be fantastic to see this single conquering the different USA
areas, and also the whole Planet. Its pretty sure that Jennifer will boost the Freestyle musics fame. This is definitely a big Freestyle caliber! Francis Tanneur- Freestyle Music.Com........... - ..... -
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