Lyrics: Graveyard

Song: Graveyard
Released: 2002
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Graveyard lyrics
I'm scared, out in the graveyard, who's, who's there?
Who's out there, who are you, who are you?
Leave me alone, leave me alone
Leave me alone, leave me alone

ICP, The Wicked Clowns and Project Born
Serial slaughtering motherfuckers in the graveyard

Tick to the motherfuckin' tock
Nigga the click from Project Born and ICP are here to rock
Nigga trippin' in the graveyard, just don't try to play hard
It will be your ass up on the block when I start pullin' cards

'Cuz J will be the barrier, 2 Dope will be the carrier
And Project Born is worn to put a bullet in your derrière
It's time to wake the dead and dead and move
And then they woke up a lot of souls and hope to hell with the Nitty folk

'Cuz, 'cuz I be dreamin' I'm dead and gone
And on the fucken tooth I miss
Mr. Nitty 74 to 94 took two to the head tryin' to be hard to get you there
A nine milla mil will put you there
Punk ass nigga do your hair six motherfuckers will carry you there

Suicided son if I'm movin' I be hurtin' ya
I'm puttin' in work [Incomprehensible] curtains for ya
Bitches I'm a blast and the fuckin' never after
These punk ass thinks he's tryin' to throw the casket
On the masta, I'm fasta

You should have tried to beat me to the ticker yo
I don't give a fuck if Mr. Nitty are bein' hoe
Don't risk your neck from the brother on the boulevard
The G R A V E Y A R D bitch it's the graveyard

Stop into the graveyard, been chillin' here for days
Workin' the graveyard shift, diggin' up all the graves
Sellin' all the stiff to the Dead Body Man
One came back to life, so then I began to run

Then the decrepit motherfucker was followin' right behind
I don't know what to do, I think I'm losin' my mind
Right then the corpse came jumpin' out a tree
Way out a tree and fallin' on top of me

Back on my feet, a zombie in my face
Lift my hands around his neck and tried to put it in a brace
But a nope, that's not how the shit goes
His head popped off and started nibblin' at my toes

I got dead bodies to the right, I got dead bodies to the left
I done took care of one but what about the rest?
Tie me up with some veins draggin' me into the tomb
I knew I had to be doomed 'cuz I can hear the loons in my head

Clear as day, echoin' through my brain
Tellin' me somethin's wrong then I felt the pain
It was nockin' down my flesh by the pound
But that's what happens when you be
Fuckin' around in the graveyard, dog

Come to the graveyard, now you see what's goin' on
You scared then a motherfucker shouldn't have brought your ass along
It ain't no place to hide and it ain't no place to run
And plus I pack a Bible, a shovel and a shot gun

And I'm go preach a funeral, ICP don't ride a hearse
You think it's over now but now it's gonna get much worse
Deadly how's I play the game, nothin' else can fuck with that
See you wanna don't know what you got you better duck with that

The dead will come alive and decapitate your fuckin' head
Now I gotta wake the dead sleepin' on the death bed
Mr. Nitty gonna dig a ditch, to you and your fuckin' bitch
I'm stealin' for the broken hoe, suck on my dick you rich hoe

Your daddy got a job and he treat me like a bum
But I'm a let his ass know, he can come and get some
And he ain't mean shit to me, comin' from the PJP
The Project Born assassin' but you best be watchin' me

'Cuz I'm diggin' graves, graves is what I'm diggin'
I can't believe this shit, this niggas still livin'
So why you gonna play hard? Brother blow your hole card
And I'll go slap your ass with the shovel in the graveyard

My name is Violent J and I be sleeping in a coffin
Deep underground never to be found
Then my body rots as I'm sleeping in peace
'Cuz nobody dares to ever wake the deceased

But who is this motherfucker knocking at my tomb?
Disturbing the worms that are trying to consume my body
It better be somebody worthy, bastard
Oh, it's the ringmaster

Givin' me orders to awake from the dead
My body is decayed, I have to find a new head
And a new leg but then I'll be straight
To crawl from the dirt and put in some work

One o'clock one thirty, two in the morning
Wicked Clowns, ICP and Project Borning
At the graveyard I got the whole wide world in my hands
'Cuz I'm the Dead Body Man

Wicked, wicked jokers, wicked jokers, wicked fun
Eiffel eye and T and Southwest become one
And in the name of the dead you got dealt yet another jokers card
Straight from the graveyard

Straight from the graveyard
Straight from the graveyard
Straight from the graveyard
Suck, I'm a nuts be

Straight from the graveyard
Straight from the graveyard
Straight from the graveyard
Straight from the graveyard

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