Lyrics: Welcome To Try

Song: Welcome To Try
Released: 1993
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Welcome To Try lyrics
I have been down in the valley of tears
I have stood on the highest peak
For the best part of a week
Battered and bruised I had pulled myself through
Every seen I would never repeat

I have hung out with the beasts of the field
And with them I've spent many long nights
Got in some awful bad fights
I came unstuck, I was down on my luck
And I'm still gettin' over the bites

Sounds of my own heart breaking, not to mention my mind
Nothing can hurt me, a small voice said into a mike, take a hike
No one will lead me astray anymore
You are welcome to try if you like
Welcome to try if you like

I had been down in the valley so long
I had almost run out of respect
Got in right up to my neck
Battered but wise to the truth and the lies
That no layman would ever accept

Reaching for all of the good things in life
Can provide some suprises I guess
It may be the way we are dressed
These threads that you see mean so little to me
They don't count when they put us to rest

Late about dusk I would start to feel
One more day had been lost
Nothing I'd say ever seemed to convey
How I felt with that I have dealt
All of my children are healthy and sane
They may say anything that they like
Say anything that they like

Sitting alone in the Blue Ridge Saloon
Is no place for an angel to be
Ladies make faces at me
Battered but clean I had pulled my machine
Off the road, I was too tired to see

Wearing a smile like the rim of a cup
I will get down to my final point
There is no one left to annoint
And the sowing of seed was it good, yes indeed
It thrills me but only to a point

Use your imagination, try every trick in the book
My mother said with the life that I led I'd be broke
Holy smoke
All of my children are healthy and wise
They may say anything that they like
If they want ta preach and are not within reach
They may say anything that they like
Say anything that they like

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