Lyrics: Astronaut Chick

Artist: Future
Album: Pluto
Song: Astronaut Chick
Released: 2012
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Astronaut Chick lyrics
You a astronaut chick and that's the only thing that matter to me, you were made to be
On a whole 'nother level, me and you we light the room up, when we together
Anytime we having sex we gotta break a sweat, cause we some space cadets
And we don't wanna go to sleep cause we too of obsessed with the high life
With the high life, and we gon' blast off like a rocket when the time's right, aye when the time is right

[Verse 1:]
And your style is impeccable, you're so fuckin' incredible
You don't drop off your pedestal, well you shine like a bezel, boo
Sex forever, no time to buy you the avenue
You my astronaut baby, everything we do brand new
More water than Cancun, me and you we some tycoons
We light up the whole room, we hot like May and June
More love than February, this shit ain't no fairy tale
The highest level you can go, we blow up to legendary
This is outer space nigga, if you don't go I pull it necessary
You an honor to me, I got tha lumber like trees,
I wear my heart on my sleeve, you got my heart in my stomach
Without a doubt in my mind, I'm takin' off and you cumin'


[Verse 2:]
Top floor of the penthouse, on the rooftop poppin' bottles
Shawty, she go both ways, every time she go smash models
Addicted to the high life me and you, we 'bout the same
Gucci, Louis, Prada, when we walk it ain't no thang
Got the VVS diamonds then I go make bitch bitch a bling them bitches blang
Say you wanna go to Pluto, me and you, we are the same
Baby,every time we get together extra fire to the flame
We were made for a space rocket we don't ride planes
Take off take off take off take off and play
The hoes can never compare to you, you in a whole 'nother class
You high sidity, you pretty, lights, camera, flash
Focus on your future ain't concerned bout your past


[Verse 3:]
She got red on the bottom of her shoes (of her shoes)
I'm in her brain like I can't lose (I can't lose)
And it ain't nothing I tell 'er I can't do
And when I'm with 'er I got nothin' to prove
She accept me for me and I take it for you
We get higher than skyscrapers and past the moon
We got a special connection and we can light up the room
We some astronauts baby, no cartoon
We outta here, and we gon' never gone come to Earth with you
We ain't never gone touch the surface again designer gear is all we in
Outer space status, the most incredible bond
In it for the passion, a whole lot of fashion


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