Lyrics: I Get Lonesome By Myself

Artist: Dolly Parton
Song: I Get Lonesome By Myself
Released: 1973
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I Get Lonesome By Myself lyrics
(Dolly Parton)

In a dingy upstairs room in the dirty part of town
A little girl stood waving from a window
She was calling to me I was standing down below
And I heard her small voice sayin'.

(Hey Mister I want you to come up here and talk to me
You ain't got no other place to go
I can't come outside and play cause I ain't got no friends
I can't come outside no way cause my mom is gone and locked me in
But there is the key outside the door is layin' on the shelf
I want you to come up here and talk to me cause I get lonesome by myself.)

I was feelin' lonesome too and I knew just how she felt
And I knew just what she meant when she said she got lonesome by herself
She kept callin' to me and I thought well since her mama's gone
I'd walk and talk to her awhile since we're both alone
We got a talkin' and I asked her why she was there by herself.

(Well my mommie never used to leave me by myself at night
But mommie says I'm bigger now I'm not but that's alright
I don't go to school cause I'm not old enough right yet
But I can go to school next year cause next year I'm gonna be six
I used to have a daddy but he left long time ago
I asked my mommie why he left but my mommie says she don't know.

I know she loves my daddy
'Cause sometimes when I smile mommie says I look just like him
Then the tears get in my mommie's eyes
My mommie drinks, I know she does 'cause I can smell it on her breath
Mommie never used to drink so I know it's 'cause my daddy's gone
And my mommie she gets lonesome by herself
I sure get lonesome by myself.)

How she talked about her daddy it reminded me of me
How I walked out of my own little girl and a woman that really loved me
As I was thinkin' of them she said
(Have you got a little girl that's about the size of me
Have you got a picture of her I can see.)

I took a picture of my violin and handed it to her
When she saw the picture I couldn't believe her words
(Hey that's my mommie in that picture
And that baby, well, that baby must be me
And you must be my daddy then.)

Then the tears rolled down my face like they never had before
I just couldn't believe it as I held her in my arms
And I said I'll wait here till your mama comes
And I'll tell her that I still love her and I'm sorry that I'd ever left
And I'd like to stay if she let me 'cause I sure get lonesome all by myself.

(Well, you won't be lonesome now 'cause I love you...)

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