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album by Bosson
One In A Million
Released: 2001
Tracks: 1
Including: One In A Million

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dummy Guest wrote on 14th May 2011, 13:19h:
Bosson Biography

It´s been six years since Bosson got his huge breakthrough with the album ”One in a million”. Two years later the follow up Rockstar was released and now the time has come for Bosson´s fourth album- ”Future´s gone tomorrow,
Life is here today”.

Bosson, Staffan Olsson, has experienced much more than many other Swedish popstars. ”One in a million” was chosen to be the lead music theme for the movie ”Miss Congeniality” with Sandra Bullock. She personally called
him up and invited him to the set in Austin, Texas. The song gave him a Golden Globe nomination as well as VIP- seats at the awards in 2001. Standing on the red carpet at the award-ceremony, he realized how far his music had taken him. The hard work as a
writer and producer finally paid off. And what a result! ”One in a million” became a top 10 hit in Europe and Asia; he toured with Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears and played for more than 70 000 people in the audience. He has also written songs for
Amy Grant and the famous guitarist Al Di Miola.

Even though Bosson is an artist who is frequently played on Swedish radio, he has kept a pretty low profile in Sweden the last couple of years. The situation abroad has however been a lot different.
Bosson has achieved huge success and toured a great deal in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. He recently recorded one of his songs (in Russian!) with Russian superstar Lolita. He has also performed with Dima Bilan who competed in
the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and is a huge star in Russia.

Bosson describes his songs as symbols of different feelings with a message. Ha wants people to be able to identify themselves with his lyrics. Bosson explains that his lyrics can be
about everything from relationships, everyday situations, impossible love, to losing a loved one. It strengthens people to know that there are people who are in a similar situation. He has thousands of e-mails and letters from fans to prove it.

"Future´s gone tomorrow, Life is here today" is a result of over two years hard work.
Bosson is a perfectionist and doesn´t want to release anything that doesn´t feel finished.
- I don´t want to do a follow up just to make sure that people
won´t forget about me. That is not the way I make my music. Whenever you release an album, you are competing with the biggest artists and if you want to reach out with your music it has to have a certain standard.

Bosson formed his deep interest for
music in the 80’s so it was a natural step to take the production in that direction. He makes music as pop sounded back in the 80’s with a lot of energy in the songs.
- I only create music that I can stand for and that I love to listen to myself then
it´s up to the listener to enjoy what I do or not. I could never pour my soul into something and invest my own money in a project that takes almost two years to finish if I didn´t love it. Then I would have chosen to do something different instead.

Bosson himself sums it up the best:
- Never has anyone payed so much to work so hard. You just have to love it then!

Last summer we got a taste of how the the album would sound with the new single ”You”, which became a big radiohit. The
second single, ”I Can Feel Love” of the album has also been playing a lot on the swedish radio stations. ”Future´s gone tomorrow, Life is here today” continues where Rockstar ends, with a mix of 80´s inspired up-tempo songs and emotional
An album full of addictive hits.
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