Lyrics: Keep Spinnin'

Artist: Baby
Album: Birdman
Song: Keep Spinnin'
Released: 2002
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Keep Spinnin' lyrics
Mannie: Girl there he go again and when he stop they spin
Jazze: Ain't that them stop and goes?
Mannie: Yeah that's them spinnin' rims
Jazze: And what them thangs they cost?
Mannie: I think they 'bout a house
Jazze: Now all you other wheels are played out (They keep spinnin')

[Petey Pablo]
Now girl believe me I'm coming as fast as I can
Rims spinnin' like "rooaaaww" like I'm a North Carolina man
Well I can do the do's on deuce 22's
So make a mother fucker bowl move
I'm sitting there holding wait a minute

We in Atlanta, pimpin', ballin'
Every seven days is ballin' Chevys
Seven-four is Escalades on spinnin' blades – they sho is great
Hey Mannie tell these niggaz how to hold these shoes
When the car been parked and the rims keep movin' (They keep spinnin')

Now in Chi-Town
Rims picking up every block I drive down
And on my lap that Desert weighing 'bout five pounds
Now don't be playing cause I'm spraying 'bout five rounds (Gun shots)
Get down (They keep spinnin')

You see that Lexus coupe? That Benz without the roof?
That Cadillac on 25's with skinny tires that's baby blue
They on them stop and goes
Them girls like "Watch him go"
Spinnin' chrome with this Killer Stone
Out the Magnolia with a Diablo (They keep spinnin')

[Chorus 2x]

[Mannie Fresh]
When I get my money baby
Gotta get that big Mercedes
Believe me, when you see me
Its gone be filled up with ladies
This here is serious stuntin'
And when them brakes is pumping

I done caused wreck, gotta catch my breath cause
(They keep spinnin')

You want this money baby
Them there is buttons baby
I put that mink on your body you the Bird Lady
Bur Berry furs crazy
I spent about 80
Birdman and them thangs (They keep spinnin')

Mine keep spinnin', dippin'
Dabbin', slidin', California ridin'
I rock for LA I rock for Compton and Watts
And my rims keep spinnin' every time I stop

You see my red Lex
I mean my read Vette
In my red Benz – flew up in my liter jet
I mean my red Beamer – its with that new (?)
Steering wheel in the middle (They keep spinnin')

[Chorus 2x]

In that H-Town heads turning
Every corner that I come around
Hoping niggaz grin, cause they love the sound
Of them big boys swishing
Them diamonds I stop and go
Sometimes I stop and listen

Its big pimpin' baby
It ain't no sippin' baby
I'm in that new thang sitting on them Sprewell Racings
So when I stop they flow
So nigga watch your hoe
I'm at the red light but (They keep spinnin')

Its Gilly nigga
This Philly nigga
I push way back with the milli trigga
My rock are froze - I stop and pose
Your bitch all over my stop and goes
They keep on spinnin' and them hoes keep on grinnin'
But when my car stop my rims (They keep spinnin')

[Mannie Fresh talking]
All right everybody look at your watch right now
And pay attention to the seconds
I'm 'bout to pull up to the red light I'm 'bout to stop
And we gone see how long they gone spin (They keep spinnin')

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