Lyrics: Fly In Any Weather

Artist: Baby
Album: Birdman
Song: Fly In Any Weather
Released: 2002
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Fly In Any Weather lyrics
(featuring Jazze Pha)

Ay Ay
Ay Man Freezy I need it this year baby (need it this year baby)
Ay Jazze (Jazze) I need some vocals now sing it big boy
It's the Birdman daddy (I'm fly in any weather)
When it comes to these cars (I puts it together)
See I switch my paint (And change my leather)
Got mami the new Benz and plucked her feathers
Now ? eagles come fly with me
Sway hair lighter then eyes could see
Look at that ? where your eyes could see
('Cause you the Number 1 Stunna) Come fly with me
Nigga I fly past a bitch in a dip back six
Rain or snow I'm still the shit
I'm the Numba 1 Stunna (I fly in any weather)
It's the Birdman Summer (I fly in any weather)
See, I come through flossed out sippin' some cris'
Just ? my deal so I smoke now bitch
See that brand new Benz (I puts it together)
With the bubble-eye lens (I puts it together)
With the Gucci on the tims when I spin yo' benz
Got the new cardierres with the iced out lens
Birdman Birdlady with the Burberry Benz
Royal blue niggas with them coca-cola lens
Fly ass nigga with that new coupe Bentley
Gator on the eyes with the chips in the end
(Talking: I'm trying to get one get one game one
Real tight biotch Birdman motherfucker!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
I'm the boss of the boss (With ? chains)
I salt nigga shine (And couldn't maintain)
So I hadda step back (And fly away man)
'Cause it's all about collecting (All my chains)
See I cook shit, Swing around, Fly away quick
Put it in the oven mami
Hold my shit
I'm the flyest nigga with the flyest bitch
These rims and ice (I love my shit)
My baby, My Wife (Come hug me quick)
See I duck on these niggas when I hold my thang
And if you fuck with me bad i'll bust your brain
See I fly like a bird
Got mami the new fur
Slang back, royal blue fits the curves
Stilletto high boots and she smoke that herb
(She the birdlady baby) Ain't scared to hold hers
She came through your hood with the fly ass ?
[Woman talking]
This is a Mannie Frizzle productshizzle (so fly)
A Jazze Phizzle collaborizzle
Birdman, Whooo!
24's, 25's, 28's, You know what it is
No rub daddy
Act like you don't see them
Act like you don't see them IVC's girl
Sit down ? one time
Yeah pluck your feathers baby
Fly with the Birrrrrrrrrrdman
Birdy Birdy, hahahaha
Whhoooweeee! (*echoes until ends*)

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