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Presentation [Talk about You]
Hey ! I don't know if this post will be admit, but here, if you want, you can talk a little bit about yourself. More exactly, do a presentation ! :)
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I believe Aiken and I have decided to do such things in the "Make Friends" sub-forum. However, as it is not functional yet, let's give it a try.

I'm a 19 year old programming metalhead, an absolute music junky and vocalist of Drowned In Torment (thrash/death metal) and Scavenger (modern prog. trash). Besides that I am designer, photographer, programmer (not as good as Aiken though - not by far) and I have also done some "clean" vocal duties in the past. I am currently living in Ede, together with my two sisters, mother and my sister's bf, who practically lives here too.

Obviously, my favorite music types are thrash/death/doom/black metal, for instance Kreator, Death, My Dying Bride, The Black Dahlia Murder, etcetera. I have already attended 20 gigs this year and I'm certainly planning on attending a couple more.

As far as my lovelife is concerned, I'm currently single again. Seeing how things didn't work out very well with one girl, things are better this way.

Besides performing, attending gigs, I like watching movies, hanging around, drinking, going out. I'm not a sports person, though.
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Hello, there!!

I am a 14 year old Pagan, as many people may know. I worship the Sun god, Apollo, and I am a covenate(coven member)

I am currently attending a writing school, along with my school duties.

People consider me as "Emo" and a "whore" which, by technical definition, I am. ANYWAY

I tend to complain and bitch a lot. Yeah, I'm a hormonal teen. The PMS poster-child.

My love-life, like Wolf, is currently open. I'm single, because of my age. Gay? Much?

Uh, yeah....

This is a little blurb of Brendonfreak
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Ok... I'm 17 years old... I'm a junior in Highschool... I like long walks on the side of an empty road, poking dead things with sticks, and poetry... hah... I'm obviosly not very funny...

I love horror films. Anything Gory and full of people screaming sends a thrill right through me...

I'm in a band that I started... It hasn't quite got a name yet... We're still working on that... It's an a acoustic band, with me and another girl playing guitar and a girl playing keyboard, we all sing... We play just about anything, but my favourite type to play is punk gone acoustic or emo gone acoustic.
I love to listen to heavy metal, Emo, Screamo, trash, hard core.... Things you can mosh too... yeah...

I'm considered by many the "Always-Save-Brand" of emo... uh... I have no way to explain that to you, but lets just consider me Emo... My parents don't really like it when I wear all black... So that's one of the reasons i'm a generic emo... lol... I'm not really a bitch... I'm really introverted... I really only talk to alot of people online.... Its where I feel most comfortable... But I have my group of friends who bring out the Rambunctious side of me...
The people who really know me, consider me annoying at times, but that is due to my ADHD and bipolarism...

I'm a loyal friend...

I'm going into the psychology field when I get to college, but I enjoy creating things... Whether it be on the computer, like making a game, a website, or some cool graphics for my MSN.... or whether it be with my sketch book and pencil... Or with my music ability... I like writing my own lyrics...

Uh... I guess this is really long...
So I gotta go any way.. .my bell rang...

This is about me... wanna know more ask...
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I won't say my age, but I live on LI on a suburb of NYC. I am not what people consider "Emo", I am more like Carrie from the movie "Carrie" :D I'm bisexual and I've kissed a girl before. I am obsessed with music like Lily Allen. I like to write my own music and I love cutesy wutsey stuff like Hello Kitty, pink, and Kittens! But I'm also tomboyish because I can be a bit violent. I pull hair. :|
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Isn't your profile more suited for this?
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im me yup yup
im not really any type of stereotype, i kind of like to go with the flow ya know dance to my own beat whatever happens happens, im not preppy or emo ive dated preppy girls and emo girls and every thing in between and ive gotta give my props to the girls who didnt like to be categorized my ex who really opened my eyes to that we should all be ourselves and not let others peoples opinons file us so that we can only dress one way talk one way or listen to one kind of music i like every one from Killswitch engage to john mayer. so yeah
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i'm 13 about to be 14 in Feb. i have actually joined resently and i have a younger sister on here named Jenny my name is Lily and i have a little dog named Precious ( inamed when i was little so that's why her name is Precious) i like to sing, dance, and listen to music. i have light brown hair with a few blond highlights and hazel eyes. i'm alittle on the short side.(from my mother) my friends describe me as fun, energetic, and very dramatic. most people say i'm i'm a MAJOR DRAMA QUEEN which they are right. well that's bascially describes me srry that i took up a lot of room.

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