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Can you talk to other people on this site? Can you invite friends on here too?
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Jenny Valentine
If you mean inviting your REAL friends to this site, I think you just have to tell them about it. (?_?)

But if you mean inviting people to be your friends on this site, then yes :)

As for talking to other people, there's messaging, the forums, and you can leave others comments...

Much love,
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Pretty well said, Jenny. Here's the thing about inviting friends though: after logging in, you will see 'friends' in your personal menu. Right after that it says [inv], where you can invite other people to the community (this is also accessible by clicking 'friends' first, and then using the 'Invite others!' tab).

As far as the talking to other people issue, this can be done by:
1) Personal messaging - as mentioned before;
2) Using the forum
3) Exchanging e-mail addresses
4) Commenting on eachothers profile

If you want to specifically contact Aiken or me, this can be done by:
1) Using the guestbook
2) Personal messaging
3) Using the forum
4) Using our contact form
5) E-mailing wolf[at]moron[dot]nl and/or aiken[at]moron[dot]nl (replace [at]s and [dot]s with the specific character).

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