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Reading,writing,MUSIC,dancing,singing,skateboarding,shopping,the usual teenage stuff
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Hmm..My name is MaRissa. Im 15 years old. I live in West Virginia. Im your normal teenage girl looking for a place in the world. I love music more then anything. Synyster Gates and Bert McCracken own my heart! Im usually pretty confused about who I am. If I had to be labeled I would be many things:emo,punk,prep,skater. The list goes on but Id rather just be me =) I have tons of friends but that doesnt mean I dont have enemies. Theres many people who hate me. I love nail polish I can never decide on a color but they are usually black. Im a myspace whore and Im addicted to eyeliner. Wanna know anything else or you wanna chat with me add me to yahoo (element_babii_2010)

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Review of From Yesterday:
Jared Leto and his voice is
Review of A Beautiful Lie:
Awesome song.
Review of Lithium:
This video kicks ass! and the lyrics are really good.
Review of The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage:
I love this song....I dont think its possible for Panic! to have a bad song....Just like Fall Out Boy for that matter...but does the titles have to be so freaking long lol.....
Review of Trashed And Scattered:
I love this song. M. Shadows voice is like...yumm. And my man Syn does his thing with that sexy guitar of his
Review of Here It Goes Again:
Loves it. The video is uber awesome! This song makes me wanna dance
Review of Hate Me:
So sad
Review of Noise And Kisses:
I lovvee this song
Review of I Write Sins Not Tragedies:
i agree with everyone here saying you shouldnt be offended with what they say. Its just a song if you dont like it why complain. Just dont listen to it! Its as simple as that! Love this song by the way! Guide

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