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I thought this was a song by the band Aqua ... ?
Review of Taking My Money Back:
xD I'm sorry that you dislike hearing views that differ from your own? (; A person doesn't need to speak Japanese to have known Utada previous to the "This is the One" release, or even "Exodus." I've been an Utada fan for a long time and own every album of hers, and compared to previous works, this is not the best she can do. "Exodus," in my opinion, is more original than the album this song comes from. I dislike this song for reasons that I already stated, so... :B
Review of Grease Monkey:
Any Mushi review from someone other than myself always makes me happy. I remember first discovering Rasmus (though, from what I last read, Mushi is morphing into a band? Oi, I wish I could read Danish...) in early 2009. Instantly fell in love with the music, and this was the first song I listened to... Even now, almost a year later, I still come back to this one. I've purchased all the available Mushi tracks so far, but this--along with a few others from "Unbelonging," have really stuck with me. I'd say the lyrics are layered with some wit, which is nice compared to most songs in the [American] mainstream market. Even the sound in general is different, and so this is a song I HIGHLY recommend listening to.
Review of I Have Friends In Holy Spaces:
That's probably because someone corrected the lyrics after she pointed it out...
Review of Good Girls Go Bad:
To the person below my post: the point in writing a review is to express your opinion no matter if it is to praise or criticize. Why, then, should Aiken "be quiet" for doing just that because you disagree? As for me, I honestly do not have too many positive things to say about this song. While I can see why it would appeal to the masses in mainstream music, I think the whole song is annoying. I forced myself to listen past the thirty second mark to hear the rest of the lyrics in hopes that the song would get better, but I was disappointed. When I listened to this, a pool of other band names rushed into my head. In other words, I was hoping for a more--if not an original sound, then a slightly different one that separates this band from others. Obviously, Cobra Starship is not the band for me. It's great if you like them; I just happen not to, especially this song.
Review of Nothing Lasts Forever:
Huuumm. I'm starting to wonder if this was placed under a wrong artist originally, because I have no idea what I was talking about in my first review here. =/ Anyway, good song.
Review of Come Fly With Me:
When I feel like it, I like to pretend that I can harmonize my voice with Sinatra's and sing this when no one's around. (: It's a great classic I never get tired of. ...Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!
Review of The Way I Am:
I remember this song now! Back when it came out, though, I never listened the whole way through. I believe this song is decent, although the lyrics could certainly be better. The song itself is mediocre (especially in regards to the portrayed meaning), and while I don’t have a huge problem with the lyrics, I’m most certain she could have figured out something better to say than "I'd buy you Rogaine." It’s what kills the song for me, really. The rest, however, bore me. I would have liked to hear her sing more creative lyrics than carry out such a humdrum song like this. If she had at least done that, "The Way I Am" wouldn't feel so everyday-ish. The song itself just FEELS lackluster because it has no ‘oomph’ in my opinion.
Review of I Fought The Law:
Sooooo C: I did some reading-up on this song and found that this IS a cover song, but of Bobby Fuller's original version. (Unless I've been lied to D8 ) So as for Metric, they made a tribute to Fuller's song in their song's chorus, just replacing "law" with "war." I FEEL EDUCATED NOW. =D xP
Review of I Fought The Law:
Typos will be the end of me. *Metric Guide

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