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Last 10 lyrics reviews of deena

Review of Lips Of An Angel:
it truly sounds so sweet....
Review of Come Back To Me:
at first i thought her new song was great...but its just normal....and i h8 it..
Review of Fergalicious:
i dun love it, i just like it..
Review of My Immortal:
i love this song sooo much! um sorry bout your m8 bourmy...
Review of Ass Like That:
this song makes me laugh... hehe...
Review of :
i dont really like this song.... but somehow i feel like i do.... weird.....
Review of Keep Holding On:
this song is great!!! i luv it... it also gives me inspiration to keep holdin on...
Review of Lithium:
um wit u RISSAXISXSOXSCENE! um sorry if i spell ur name wrong
Review of Too Little Too Late:
love da song.... n not to forget she looks cute in her video clip... Guide

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