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Writing, reading, chocolate, history, music (obviously), different kinds of paper, computers, pillow softness, fall (i.e., autumn), theatre, comics/manga, books, art
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Last 10 lyrics reviews of acerbic

Review of Where Were You Last Night:
I think this is a cover song? Ahh... it's incredibly odd to hear this song from Nightwish. Very different from their usual style then, I would think. Unfortunately, it is also very catchy. :B
Review of Jillian (I'd Give My Heart):
I'd love the song if her voice wasn't so delicate when singing it. I was disappointed when I listened to the song after reading the lyrics; that might have been a mistake of mine... I had been expecting a louder, more passionate delivery.
Review of My Girl Got A Girlfriend:
I haven't heard the song. ...I'm glad I HAVEN'T heard this song. Oh well, props for something I haven't seen done yet.
Review of Bye Bye Beautiful:
This is my favorite song on the album. I'm going to guess that this is a song dealing with Tarja. Anyway, this song is fantastic. I have no problems listening to it continuously.
Review of Everyday:
I think it's kind of bland, as far as lyrics go. :/
Review of The Diary Of Jane:
I like the acoustic version a bit better sometimes. Regardless, I love this song a lot. It's one that gives me enough inspiration to do something.
Review of Thnks Fr Th Mmrs:
lolwut. My review should be "It isn't very mature, and I suppose one day I'll be ashamed of liking it (or not). Jenny: D; I think I won't watch the video now. That's disgusting. Also: nothing can depict my surprise when I heard this played at my school.
Review of Thnks Fr Th Mmrs:
I do so love this song
Review of Firefly:
Their "Phobia" album had a lot of songs that sounded the same, I think (though with different messages, thank heavens), and I do really want another album of theirs to compare. This one would be ideal, seeing as it has "So Cold" and "Firefly" on it...n.n What does "toke" mean...? Is that supposed to be "joke"?
Review of Lithium:
This is my friend's favorite song--or at least it was about a month ago :B Anyway, it was a nice surprise on the CD, and it's one of the few songs left by Evanescence I like. Guide

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